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Find expert knowledge worldwide

The marketplace for expert knowledge

Are you looking for a way to connect directly with top experts or consume global expert knowledge?

Every company with knowledge needs can order standardised or individual content on B2BCockpit

B2BCockpit can be imagined as an infinitely large department stores’ where a company can purchase all the know-how required in the B2B sector worldwide from international service providers according to its own needs.

Our Vision

To provide companies with all the knowledge they need to manage a company from top experts from a wide range of countries. Our focus is on the internationalisation of knowledge transfer, as knowledge transfer is mostly consumed regionally rather than globally by companies. People still go to the well-known seminar provider around the corner. Why not contact a global player who can provide me with IT-based services on a permanent basis? We want to change this still too local access to training and information.

We offer companies the opportunity to access expert knowledge globally

Intelligent search

Expert knowledge from different countries and industries on one platform through intelligent search.

Order learning content from experts

The possibility to order learning content from experts worldwide according to individual needs and content.

Consume training 24/7

The chance to consume training at any time, in any place by making it permanently available.


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